How much of the vitamins you take do you actually absorb?

Right. Especially for the fat soluble vitamins such as A, D, E, omega 3 and coq10.

Same for krill oil.

Vitamin C and B are water soluble so they are more readily assimilated by the body.

If you said, I’m absorbing 90% of my vitamins, I’d say you got the right ones. But per survey, that’s not what people say.

A special patent from Switzerland is making fat soluble vitamins into water soluble, hence maximizing the absorption of vitamin Ds and omegas, for example.

Krill is now water soluble! Same for CoQ10 and A, D, E.

And omega 3 as well!

This process is called micellization. So micellized D for example means that the fat is encapsulated into a water particle, hence going through the inside body wall easily.

All of our products are LIQUID. Again, for optimal absorption.

Maximize absorption

Here are the main products that we have:

ENERGY PLUS: This is a unique blend. It contains CoQ10 and Siberian Ginseng Extract, and is very tasty. I would totally recommend this to those who do lots of physical work. But also, this would be good for the office worker that does long hours. Also, this product inhibits inflammation. There are more benefits, call me and I can give you wholesale prices.

cleanse plus go packCLEANSE PLUS: Also in a liquid for, this product help you rejuvenate your body. And again, it has very good quality ingredients in it. Basically, you have Frankincense which has anti-inflammatory qualities. It also contains black walnut hull which really help with the digestive track. Cleanse Plus is amazing if you’re sore from exercise… it cuts down the healing periods.

WOMENS COMPLETE: Again, this is a blend uniquely patented. First, it’s great tasting. And second, my wife likes it. But still, women of today’s fast pace world need good source of supplements and one should try this product, not simply listening to my words. Highly water-soluble (fat is micellized, meaning encapsulated in water molecules), it is designed for optimum assimilation. Women’s Complete supplies nutrients for eye and skin health as well as supporting the immune system.

MEN’S COMPLETE: Liquid nutrient package that’s great tasting and water-soluble for the workaday modern world. It’s got the key components for a healthy balance of ingredients. Also, probably the best tasting multi-vitamins you’ll try (the company doesn’t compromise quality with taste). It is designed to support the essential body processes. Feed those cells! Again, you can contact me for a discount from retail price.

SUPER OMEGA PLUS: This is my favorite! Since I take it, I sleep better. Special formula making it very easy to absorb. You have coq10, krill oil and vitamin D and E in there. I would say that this is the best tasting omega 3.

All these products come in Go Packs of 1 oz each or they come in bottles of 30 oz. Basically one month worth of supplements.

If you have question about these water-soluble vitamins, please give me a call. I’m there to help. I also have several people I personally know that are taking the product and have very good reviews. But just don’t take my word for it, please.

Your health is important and I believe these liquid vitamins give results, and faster results.

Did you ever take supplements and wonder what it was doing? Did you feel a difference? Did you wonder if you were eliminating most of it instead of absorbing it?

If your pack of daily vitamins cost $1 and you’re absorbing only 15 cents, then these vitamins are quite expensive. If you assimilated 90 cents of your dollar that would be a great deal.