Selling food on

We are proud to work with many food sellers.

When you sell on you always help charities.

There are two main fees for selling on

  1. Product Sales
  2. Vendor Membership

There are no other fees.

Product Sales Fee

The fee on all product sales is simply 12.5%.

Vendor Membership

To sell on the site, you need to have a membership. In order to provide customer service, answer questions and give general help, we charge a Vendor Fee of $14.95/mth ($9.95/mth if you pay for a whole year in advance).

The membership gives you the right to list as many products has you want.

Without a membership you cannot sell on

Restaurants don’t pay a monthly membership fee. Restaurants only pay the 12.5% on every purchase.

Shipping of Orders

You decide on how shipping works from your own account. It is really up to you to set the shipping costs for each of your listings.

Marketing of

You can do your own marketing and send people to your product listings.

On our end, we also continuously work on getting the website know around the web. Our goal is to help as many food sellers as possible as and give as much as we can to charity.

The creation of beautiful product listings will help increase sales.

Also keeping high product standards will help get the word out.

Helping Charities

Each month we cut a check to one or several charities and announce the fact publicly. Each month we update the site and give a little story on each donation.

Building a relationship with charities is vital for us.

And please, if you know a charity that should benefit from our donations, please send us an email

A Great Food Community!

We strive on building a community of food sellers that are achieving their goals. If you feel inspired and want to write an article in the blog section, simply submit the original piece of content to us and we’ll be happy to look at it!

Customer Service

You may receive special orders, questions, and rush delivery requests at any time so it is important to keep an eye on the message center. You can be notified in several ways of any order or messages.

Reviews on Products

It is essential to have reviews on the site. Reviews help judge if a product is popular and will often provide feedback on the seller as well. So it is very important to always sell a high quality product and provide great customer service.

If a review turns out to be really bad, you should look into why this happened. Oftentimes, we will also be looking into why a product got a 1-star or a 2-star review. In the long run, this process will help improving the overall shopping experience on the website.

Laws on Selling Food

There are restrictions. Learn them.

Tips and Guide on Selling Food Online

Offering what you are good at making or growing is a pleasure in itself. At, we provide a channel for you to be able to reach to new customers around the web. We continuously look for the best ways to market products online. And lastly, our mission is to give as much as we can to charities.

With Passion,
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