They are based in Milwaukee and they offer a great alternative to the so-called “conventional” produce. These guys are real — their mission is make our world a better place to live in and that, I support!

They believe that we should simplify our food and going back to basics. And of course they believe in local and organic.

Once you sign up you’ll be receiving one of their different sized boxes. On Saturday they post the new menu for the upcoming week. It’s easy to change your delivery settings. Also make sure that you leave a cooler outside your door on the delivery day.

They have a beautiful list of local organic farmers where they get their produce from. You should take a moment to read that page, you’ll learn a bunch and also get motivated 😉 If you start reading what these farmers have to say, you’ll see there’s a huge amount of care and it just makes you want to support these guys, doesn’t?!

You can decide to be a delivery location in your area. If you do so, they will give you a discount on your own box (or you could donate the money you saved).

Here’s one of their many testimonials from happy customers:

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