Wow! Just attended the Organic Liaison’s Grand opening tonight here on Vermont Avenue in Hollywood. Kirstie Alley’s new life of organic state-of-the-art weight loss nutrition program is a great concept. It’s basically a liaison to help people gradually leave behind their bad habits of eating unhealthy foods and transitioning to an organic diet.

Vermont Avenue was closed off at the new store’s location. Kirstie was surrounded by hundreds of people and many cameras. The place looks great.

This is the first USDA certified organic weight loss product, Rescue Me(TM). You can read more at their site Organic Liaison. Go visit their site to see how it works and what it’s all about.

They have online tools that will help people plan their meals and find recipes and local organic grocery stores, restaurants and farmers markets.

They have the Menu Planner, the Calorie Calculator, articles and references on the latest trends and news. They also have a Daily Journal and Organic Recipes (for breakfast, lunch and dinner).

The focus is of course a healthy, organic lifestyle. The Organic Liaison weight loss diet product taste good – I tried it twice. This really seems to be a great product and it’s made of healthy foods. It’s also making losing weight fun.

Some of the products include Rescue Me(TM), Release Me(TM) and Nightingale(TM). You can also have the diet kit, Rescue Me Kit.

I’m not sure if they do delivery of their organic products.
March 2011