This hot sauce is really really good!

This sauce has 1 organic ingredient (see below).

Mr. Biscuits is located at 100 Valey St., Suite 103 in Seattle Washington state Zip 98109.

Use your imagination with this sauce but realize that you won’t need much more to add taste to your meat or other meal you’re preparing with it. This sauce is dominant!

They started small a few years ago. After many experiments you now have the current recipe. They get their habaneros locally. Low vinegar flavor. And guess what? They do have one organic ingredient: fireweed honey. It’s FDA approved.

Simple ingredients: Peppers, Tomatoes, Onions, Garlic, Citrus Fruits, Vinegar, Honey, Seasonings. That’s it. No more no less.


If you’re in Seattle, you can find that sauce at Biscuit Bitch.

Keep going guys!


Note: The sauce is produced in a facility that uses Peanuts and Soy products.



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At Biscuit Bitch bistro in Seattle

Making the sauce. Empty bottles

I got this account at a heavy discounted price. I’m giving my honest review of this product.