Though the company doesn’t exist anymore, you can still find people selling the left over stocks of Viz.

Viz had a tremendously good concept but unfortunately didn’t make it in the MLM game.

The main concept behind Viz vitamins was the micellization process which helped with the absorption of the nutrients.

I know several people, including me, that used the product with great results. And the results were noticeable quite rapidly.

My favorite was the Super Omega pack. Micellized krill made so that it was very well absorbed. Also with the chocolate added to the mix, made it for a very tasty krill! I’ve taken it for several months and could see a definite difference in several parts of my body. This was probably the best vitamin I’ve ever taken in my life.

They also had a multivitamin pack for women and one for men. Also based on the micellization process. All of their products are micellized.

Then you have the cleanse with frankincense. A few of my friends swore by it. It help with the recovery time after exercise. Soreness would disappear faster.

They also have the energy pack with Siberian ginseng. They recommended not to take more than 3 packs in one day. This product is sold only in packs, not in bottle, as it is quite strong.

And though there’s only a little of stock left on this product, I do hope that they will come back to life either under the name of Viz or any other name… these products seriously were very good!

Thank you for reading.