San Antonio, Texas is widely known in the region as being the home of many unique organic restaurants but with so many out there it can be very hard to choose where you can eat. With that in mind, we created a list with some of the most popular organic restaurants in San Antonio, so just read onward to find out more about these great places to eat at!

The Clean Plate San Antonio

The Clean Plate an organic restaurantThe Clean Plate San Antonio can be found in the Tobin Hill region on the 1022 N Main Ave and it features a wide range of organic foods. Their specialties are seafood, new American food and Mexican food, but everything is organic and the best part about it is that all stuff is grown locally so there’s noting imported. The service is exemplary and while the restaurant is gaining popularity outside of the city as well, it’s a widely known restaurant for the locals.


Sweet Yams

Sweet Yam organic restaurantSweet Yams is another great restaurant that’s quite small when compared to the others on this list, however the best thing about it is that it features great soul food, vegetarian and gluten free meals that are a delight to eat. It’s a popular restaurant for the locals and you can find it in Eastside, at 218 N Cherry St. They have a great set of salads, a neat ginger shrimp and some interesting Mexican inspired food for vegans.


The Cove

The Cover organic and sustainable local food, San AntonioThe Cove’s main popularity in San Antonio comes from the fact that it’s inexpensive and you have a massive menu variety here as well. You get the opportunity to try out great new meals each time you come here. You can find the restaurant in the Five Points region at 606 W Cypress St. Its location, combined with the great food have made this restaurant one of the most appreciated in the entire region.


Twin Sisters Bakery & Café

Twin Sisters Organic bakery and cafeTwin Sisters Bakery & Café is located in Terrell Heights at 6322 N New Braunfels Ave and it’s offering an interesting mix of organic bakery products. The service here is very good and the prices are great as well. It’s one of the few places in San Antonio that has obtained quite a lot of popularity in the past few years and it’s a complete delight for bakery lovers.


Restaurant Gwendolyn

Gwendolyn RestaurantWhile the Restaurant Gwendolyn located in Downtown San Antonio at 152 E Pecan St Ste 100 might not have a menu that’s completely organic, it’s still worth a mention because it has a multitude of organic meals outside of the modern European, vegetarian and traditional American meals. It’s really popular among the locals because it offers you the ability to eat well and healthy whenever you want, all at an affordable price.


These are the most popular organic restaurants that San Antonio has to offer. If you want to check out some nice and healthy meals, then it’s a good idea to try out these restaurants, so just give them a shot if you are in the area!

Support your local restaurants making an effort to serve quality food. Serving organic means a better, cleaner Earth!