With a new state of the art technology, we have a new line of products that are water soluble essential oils! This means they went through a patented micellization process (meaning that fats are encapsulated into water molecules hence dramatically improving the absorption of the oils).

These oils are organic, of therapeutic grade and/or wild-crafted (meaning produced from plants growing in the wild and not under farming treatment).

If you’re new to oils or have been using them for years, this is not your normal buy. The ingredients come from dependable providers and they are highly effective, safe and of the superior quality.

Water soluble oils makes it that they are already readily absorbed, making the powerful benefits of traditional oils into an assimilable form for maximum absorption.

These unique products are made using a unique technology (with its own patent).

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Here’s a quick overview of the water soluble essential oils that we have.

Basil: For cooking. Soothing on sore muscles/joints.
Use – topical, aromatic, or dietary.

Birch: anti-inflammatory properties. Soreness,
Use – topical, aromatic, or dietary. Caution: do not use birch before surgery or while taking blood thinners.

Cinnamon: Flavoring. Promoting healthy functions (cardiovascular and immune system). Antiseptic.
Use – topical, aromatic, or dietary.

Clove Bud: Flavoring. Powerful antioxidant. Wide range of healing properties.
Use – topical, aromatic, or dietary. Caution: Consult your doctor If using Coumadin. Should not be used during pregnancy.

Eucalyptus Radiata: Cough. Also this is a good oil choice for children due to its gentle properties.
Use – topical, aromatic, or dietary.

Frankincense: Immune. Also used in many skin care products.
Use – topical, aromatic, or dietary.

Ginger: Digestive system.
Use – topical, aromatic, or digestive.

Geranium: This is another oil used in skin care.
Use – topical, aromatic, or dietary.

Lavender: One of the most popular oils. Adaptogen (will help balance the body either way).
Use – topical, aromatic, or dietary.

Lemon: Antioxidant and antibacterial. Cleanser.
Use – topical, aromatic, or dietary.
Caution: Lemon oil may cause photo-sensitivity.

Orange: Antioxidant.
Use – topical, aromatic, or dietary.

Oregano: Digestive/immune support. Against infections. Natural antibiotic.
Use – topical, aromatic, or dietary. Caution: Traditional Oregano oil should always be used with a carrier oil for dilution.

Peppermint: One of the most versatile essential oils.
Use – topical, aromatic, or dietary.

Rosemary: Skin/hair products as well as soothing effects.
Use – topical, aromatic, or dietary. Caution: Use caution if you are prone to epileptic seizure or hypertension.

Tea Tree: Regenerative and therapeutic properties (used for colds and flu and more). Immune
Use – topical, aromatic, or dietary.

If you are looking for an opportunity, also call me. These products have a unique patent on them and use a unique technology. If you have been buying essential oils for a while already, you should try these.

Broad are the different uses of essential oils. Hence, it may take a while before someone start getting the depth of their beneficial qualities.

When using essential oils make sure you get only high quality. Some brands are designed for their aromatic qualities and may not be good enough for the skin or internal use. When buying quality, realize that a few drops goes a long way. So I would not aim for cheap but for quality.

Essential oils can keep for years. Just place them in a cool, dry place.

Topical use means that you apply it on the surface of the body. And ingestion means that you can use it internally. Again, a little goes a long way.

Why are they called essential?
They are called that way because they are thought to represent the very essence of odor and flavor of the plant or tree. (source: Britanica Encyclopedia)

(Note: none of the statements above have been reviewed by a doctor or physician and has not been approve by a governing food body. But do your research and enjoy great health.)