There is a lot that can be said about the way we eat today — super-processed food, GMOs, preservatives, etc.. And indeed it is affecting the health of many. This mainly because people are not educated about food and secondly, because of the very good marketing used through the media.

Eating more vegetables is one of the ways to improve your health. And one way to achieve this is JUICING.

There are different types of juicers, hence creating different types of juices. The Omega Fruit and Vegetables Juicer is one of the best in the industry. An advantage with the Omega is that it really extracts the juice out of the veggies. There is very little pulp.

Of course some people would say that keep all the pulp at all is better, such as using a Vitamix.

But again these are different types.

See your natural physician for more details on what to do.

One of the best thing you can do for your body is to get educate on what and how to eat your food. And one way to start doing this is to start to learn how to juice. It’s easy to learn. Juicing doesn’t take that much time. And believe me, it’s totally worth it. There is much more to changing food habits than just starting to juice, of course. But this is definitely putting a foot on the right path.

Important: as much as you can buy organic veggies. If you can’t buy organic, then go to the farmers market in your area and ask the different places if they use pesticides or other chemicals on the veggies.